Criminal Cravings

Meanwhile in Germany, some craving thieving sods have done a runner with lorry load of Nutella.

“Thieves in the region have previously stolen other large quantities of food products, including five tonnes of coffee worth €30,000 taken in March and 34,000 cans of an energy drink in August.”  (The )

Am, so I would first like to confirm I was not in the area and know nothing of their whereabouts……



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How Do...As a certain Ralph Wiggam would put it..aam so..You like stuff?......why yes I do, so This blog will take the day and break it into the best bits..It will mostly be including Bloody good music,people,venues,amusings,ideas, rude obersations, delightful obsevations, laughing and maybe useful findings......Oh and about me? I`m from Galway but live and work in Dublin .Galway is my loving Mom, but Dublin is a seriusly fun Auntie :-)
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