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Alas this is my late list of the songs that stood out from the airwaves in 2013—This was due for posting a lot sooner! But I kept adding so many that I might as well have launched a bleedin radio station.

What the hey,we can still do a look back right?  These songs aren’t leaving just yet. And no, Blurred Lines didn’t make the list this time. Or Twerky Ray Cyrus for that matter. But they have their place on a deserving list somehow….somewhere.

Little Green Cars -My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me

Suede – It Starts And Ends With You

Queens of The Stone Age-Kalopsia

Laura Marling-Master Hunter

Neon Neon – Mid-Century Modern Nightmare

Primal Scream-It`s Alright, It`s Ok

Johnny Marr-Upstarts

An amazing remix of “After You” by Pulp was done by James Murphy in late 2012–can`t seem to find it online –but Jarvis and Co perform the original below on the first TV appearance in 10 years on Jonathan Ross in February last year.

Jake Bugg-Lightning Bolt

The ones I picked are a small handful of the great tunes that emerged last year, multitudes to pick from as usual–Villagers, Django Django, Arctic Monkeys and didn’t even mention David Bowies new Album, The Next Day! Sorry Mr. Bowie we do love you, and how I wish he would tour….but for now-new material is most welcome!   

The contact sheet for the Diamond Dogs album cover shoot


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How Do...As a certain Ralph Wiggam would put it..aam so..You like stuff?......why yes I do, so This blog will take the day and break it into the best bits..It will mostly be including Bloody good music,people,venues,amusings,ideas, rude obersations, delightful obsevations, laughing and maybe useful findings......Oh and about me? I`m from Galway but live and work in Dublin .Galway is my loving Mom, but Dublin is a seriusly fun Auntie :-)
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