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The sporadic updates are back, and it usually gets kicked off with a list of what tickled my musical fancy from the previous year. 2015 didn’t disappoint, with growing Irish talent to the forefront, and rightfully so. I won`t dilly dally any further, this isn’t a definitive list of any kind. Simply my delight in a small handful of the years musical offerings. And may 2016 hold many more!

Colm Mac  Con Iomaire  — The Finnish Line

Founder of Kila and also the wonderful violinist with the Frames and Glen Hansard`s Swell Season. Colm Mac Con Iomaire`s “And Now The Weather” is his second album, recorded in many studios and homes with 21 other musicians. Colm seems to have a playing style that blends traditional and modern playing for some really enchanting and beautiful music. I had the pleasure of seeing him play in Tower Records for Record Store Day and I was in a little daze for the duration! Such a gifted musician. Well worth checking out this album and seeing him live!

This is him on that day playing “The Finnish Line” the opening track from the album.


The Academic — Different 

I don`t know a huge amount about this young band from Mullingar. I do like this cracking little indie number from them however. Very catchy and addictive! This is the first track  taken from their debut EP which was released earlier in the year. I hope to hear alot more from them!


Sia — Elastic Heart 

Sia is such a interesting artist and this song just took over the airwaves last year for a time. Including Shia LaBeouf in the video should always produce something unexpected to boot! Great song, great video, great artist.


Noel Gallagher`s High Flying Birds — Ballad of the Mighty I

Noel is on top form again with the last years album “Chasing Yesterday”. This is the second single from the album, the video is a giggle at the start and end as Noel is known for have a major dislike for making music videos. He seems to do quite well however!


Florence and the Machine — What Kind of Man

I had never seen this lovely lady live until Electric Picnic last year. She is an amazing performer with huge energy on stage. So glad I finally got to see her, this is the lead single taken from the bands third studio album “How Big, How Bold, How Beautiful”


U2 — Song for Somone

I don`t have itunes but I would have been ok with getting the free album “Songs of Innocence”.  It has some really beautiful songs on there. Lucky to see them live at the 3Arena last year where the rocked the socks off the place. This is the fourth track taken from the album and was released as their third single from it earlier last year.


Blur — Lonesome Street

Blur making their comeback with their eight studio album “The Magic Whip” and gigs was so very welcome. A band that are still producing the goods and doing it well. They just have it. This is the third single from that album released in April last year.


Kodaline — Ready

Kodaline are such a super band to come out of Ireland, I fell in love with this song pretty instantly! This is the third single taken from their second studio album “Coming Up for Air”.


That`s all I can fit in for now, just a little sprinkle. Of course we had Mr. Bowie back on the scene releasing Blackstar as his new single in November last year and album of same name is confirmed to be released in January. Still one of the true innovators of music all these years on. I just have two words…Please tour?!  There were plenty of other offerings of course, Richard Hawley, Hozier, Royal Blood, Glen Hansard, Rudimental–get them back on your walkman!! Here`s to enjoying even more delightful offerings in 2016 🙂




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How Do...As a certain Ralph Wiggam would put it..aam so..You like stuff?......why yes I do, so This blog will take the day and break it into the best bits..It will mostly be including Bloody good music,people,venues,amusings,ideas, rude obersations, delightful obsevations, laughing and maybe useful findings......Oh and about me? I`m from Galway but live and work in Dublin .Galway is my loving Mom, but Dublin is a seriusly fun Auntie :-)
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