Waitin on a Sunny Day

So the dust has settled on my rocker boots, the pictures have been stored and filed and the t-shirt washed and dried, my Bruce mission is well and truly over ( for this quarter!). From the manic dash to get to the London Hyde Park gig, only to find myself waaay too far down the back, still had a ball (despite the silencing of Macca and Bruce, music history and London pulls the plug!), but knew that for Dublin it was queue for the pit or nothing. I got down to the RDS for Tuesdays gig 17th July at about 10.30am and there was approx. 800 queuing already, with people camping from 2 days previous! This is the power of a Bruce gig, I waited in line with all the other hopefuls and got my number at about 12.30 from the lovely fan Carla Carbonell who was keeping the pit list in order. Delighted was not even the word, I had finally made it on the Pit List for Bruce!!I met the best fans while waiting in line, every one just as eager as me to get up near to the action as possible. What happens after is bascially one of the best gigs I have ever witnessed, now I know he`s one of my idols so even if he sat on a chair and sang Baa Baa Black Sheep, I`d go away a happy camper, but there is nothing on this earth that compares to a Bruce gig, 3 and half hours of energy, emotion, crowd interaction, sweat, dancing, laughing , crying and exhilaration. I`ve been to my fair share of festivals/gigs and this man gives them all a run for their money, a true master of the live show and how to give back to the crowd. So as I try and come back down to earth from my few days of Bruce appreciation, I have some great memories to keep me going until I plan my next Bruce mission!

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Three Minute Record

For those who know me well, they have had to put up with years of my borderline criminal and insane obsession to a certain musician called Bruce Springsteen, or as I like to call it a healthy dedication to legendry! This week-end and days that follow I embark on my mission to see Bruce in two countries over four days, Hyde Park in London and RDS in Dublin (I’m building up to a world tour small steps people!) To explain how this dedication came about would be a trawl through many albums, b-sides, video archives and biographies with dodgy 70s photos to boot. But instead Ill just give you the top five! Here`s to four days of die hard dedication 🙂

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In Between Days….And Festivals

This year is going too fast, look at my last post before this, I was just settling into the year, are we in Summer already? Or is it me going that bit slower 🙂 With the sun peeping its head out ever so shyly from time to time, we may even start to imagine Festival season again. The somewhat welcome news that the scummerfest Oxegen was cancelled by its promoters MCD in favour for a licence to stage up to six concerts in the Phoenix Park next July, it certainly has not left us bereft of choice this year. Now we can’t go to everything, the funds aren’t flowing, I know, I know!! Here’s a list of the main ones and pick and choose as ya feel, if all else fails, come round my gaff, we`ll take the radio out the garden, get a box of Heineken and pretend Aviva stadium is our main stage….sorted.

Meteor Camden Crawl Dublin kicks off 11th of May …Value for your money..Weekend Passes €40.00 / Single Day Tickets €25.00 (+ booking fees) (Snapshot…We are Scientists, Mystery Jets,Gaz Coombes,Elaine Mai, Cashier No.9,Le Galaxie,Litte XS for Eyes.)

Forbidden Fruit 2nd to 4th June Not too bad on the cash side,,,.Day Tickets: E49.50 / Two Day Tickets: EU89.50 / Weekend Tickets: EU115 (Snapshot…Leftfield,Wilco, New Order,Death Cab for Cutie,Beirut,Friendly Fires, Mazzy Star,James Vincet McMorrow Hynotic Brass Ensemble)

Body & Soul 22nd to 24th June Weekend Ticket 99 squids, Sunday Day ticket 55 squids (Snapshot..Django Django (We LOVE these) Spiritualized, Villagers, St. Vincent , Tieranniesaur.)

Sea Sessions June 29th, 30th and 1st July 50 bucks for day ticket, 88.50 for weekend (Snapshot…Happy Mondays, Kaiser Chiefs, Beardyman, Dolerentos, The Minutes, Jape, Rev Run (RUN DMC)

Phoenix Park Gigs No Oxegen? No Problem ,Stone Roses play the Phoenix Park on 5th July .

Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris, Tinie Tempah and Snoop Dogg are on 7th July.

Snow Patrol and Florence + The Machine on 8th July

Independience August 3rd-5th 99 bucks for 3 day camping,3 day non camping 79 bucks, (Snapshot…Beardyman, Ham Sandwich,Dolorentos, Scroobius Pip, We Cut Corners, The Japanese Popstars.)

Castlepalooza August 3rd -5th (Clashing with Independience…but what the hey) Launch offers include 3 day camping 50 bucks, with castle camping its 77 bucks (Snapshot…Big Dish Go, Cat Dowling, Donal Dineens Parish Project (we LOVE this), Le Galaxie, Little Green Cars, The Charlatans, The Ambience Affair)

Electric Picnic 31st Aug, 1st and 2nd September ( A little on expensive side, will one of the smaller festivals do this year? Its EU230 for weekend ticket, can be paid in instalments, or 99.50 for Sunday ticket if ya cant afford the full thing like me at this stage!( Snapshot…The Cure,The Killers,Elbow…(We LOVE this) Sigur Ros, Christy Moore ( Will we see a collaboration like last year? Christy and Robert Smith do Love Cats, oh yeah) Hot Chip, Patti Smith, Bat for Lashes, Glen Hansard, The Jezabels, Alabama Shakes,Bell X1)



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In one Year, Out the other….

I’m not doing a “best of”, or any kind of list for that matter, but more a sweep up of the files in my head of what has made me sit up and listen this year, it’s more of a clean up of sorts. I’m feeling very organised now. So if you are the same and enjoyed some of the songs below let me know! Or not, maybe just put the kettle on, sit in a fluffy chair and have a wee listen. (Glad I put “listen” at the end of that sentence.)

This year I have been mostly listening to the music that came out of these people, from Ireland and the other countries that dot the globe.

The Vaccines

Noel Gallagher



Artic Monkeys

Lykke Li






Young The Giant

Elaine Mai

Lana Del Ray

The Villagers

The Jezabels

Miles Kane

Cashier No. 9

Anna Calvi

Florence and the Machine-

The Black Keys

Of course I have listened to other music, (Bruce is always on somewhere) but these ones have been flapping about my CD player more than others, (Yes I still buy CDs, I like the pictures and the shininess)

These songs kind of came on like light bulbs for me when I heard them, give them a whirl.

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Get dressed, get blessed Try to be a success

Getting to see your heroes perform,  it feels surreal and other worldly, you think any minute now , someone is going to click their fingers and you will wake up. Getting to see Bob Dylan at the O2 on Thursday 6th October felt like that. We got in to catch the end of Mark Knopfler, who put on a great show as well, but have to admit , I`m not a die hard fan, I know he`s good, but bring me Bob please. Seated in block B, just before 9, I turn to mate Chrisso and know we ain`t sitting this far back when the man himself arrives. Bold heads on us in tow, with Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat playing and ushering us on we made our way downstairs, and somehow managed to keep security on our side to let us watch from the aisles, with a brilliant view of Dylan and band. Years previous I remember seeing him in Salthill Galway, and was nothing compared to the show at the O2 . Wearing  a black suit a white hat, getting into the songs, coming to front of stage, he was feeling it again, albeit his voice is that bit more gravelly with the years gone by,it was a joy to see and hear him on stage.

Dylan has received alot of criticism for his performances in recent years, not talking to the crowd, standing behind the keyboard, poor vocals,  well I guess he is 70, I figure he may wanna sit down, and I never had Dylan as a man for “small talk”. I`m glad he`s here and on Thursday I get the feeling he really enjoyed himself , and so did the packed O2 crowd. He ends the night with a great encore of Like a rolling stone and All along the Watchtower, he thanks his band and says goodbye to the crowd, we leave knowing that was something special.

He`s still on the road and tours Europe until November 21st.

“the only thing i knew how to do was to keep on keeping on”
― Bob Dylan

Set List

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

Things Have Changed

Tangled Up In Blue

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

Spirit On The Water

The Levee’s Gonna Break

Desolation Row

Highway 61 Revisited

Forgetful Heart

Thunder On The Mountain

Ballad Of A Thin Man


Like A Rolling Stone

All Along The Watchtower

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Honest Jon`s Chop Up….Comin up

Very excited to hear of this news, Honest Jon’s is the  label co-owned by Damon Albarn , this Dublin show will be featuring Damon Albarn, Tony Allen, Flea, Fatoumata Diawara, Kelan Phil Cohran Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Theo Parrish, Actress and more artists to be announced. It will be an exploration of new music recorded by Damon, Tony Allen and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble . I have heard great things about Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and can finally get to see them along with one of my all time favourites Damon Albarn. Win Win. The Place:.Vicar Street,  Date: Tuesday 1st November 2011. Only four happening worldwide so gonna get in there early! Now heres hoping I get tickets! They go on sale next Friday on ticketmaster, please leave one for me? Or even better , feel free to buy me one 🙂

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I feel an ounce of freedom starting to emerge for this Summer, it started last Saturday (slightly late, but what the heeey) I got to see one of my all time favouite bands, The Foo Fighters play at Oxegen, ( a festival I have had quite a few discussions on for its complete and utter knacker vibe that it seems to be more familiar for than music) but I have to say, I had a whopper time on Saturday. Got the bus down from Parnell Square, met up with friends, saw the Vaccines, Beady Eye, Arctic Monkeys , and the band to beat all others, The Foos….they kicked ass. End of. Second time seeing them and just want more and more. Epic.

Freedom bursts, now its time for a small trip ! So me , and two mates are planning a trip to Berlin, Prague and Budapest, lasting about 10 days, doing some travel by train as well which I`m somewhat excited about, Love the idea of traveling by train, and I don`t think its merely Harry Potter inspired. We haven’t planned out all the ends and outs of it just yet but I`m excited about Berlin, am hearing only great things.  Bike Trips, museums, clubs, festivals, art, architecture, history,shopping,  clubbing, and ah nightlife and aaah clubbing…I promise I will take in the grown up aspect of this holiday!! Prague and Budapest….I have no idea what to expect but beautiful cities, Im ready to explore…Thank you Summer, please don`t go too soon!!

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They say it’s your birthday….

In my early teens The Beatles were the first band I really listened to (on tape!) that completely and utterly shaped my love and appreciation of music.It started when the Beatles Anthology series was released in 95,  a documentary series, and set of three double albums and a book covering the history of  The Beatles, Paul, Ringo and George all participated in the making and approving the works.

I remember being completely and utterly captivated by this and taped every single episode, and eagerly anticipated the arrival of each Anthology double tape in Zhivago Records Galway,(Even chose my confirmation name “Martha” after Paul McCartney`s old english Sheepdog,after who he penned the song “Martha My Dear” didnt tell the priest that though :-)) Since then I`ve since bought all the albums of course, and read every book I could get my hands on to tell me more about this band so many had discovered so many times before me.  I even got the chance to see Macca in the flesh just last year on his European Tour, it was so surreal to see him play some of the songs that I thought I would never in my lifetime get to hear by any of the Beatles, made me very happy to say the least!  Today Paul turns 69, and Im glad he`s still touring and bringing that magic to so many who discovered the music some 40 odd years on but it still strikes the same emotion and reaction as it did back then. Happy Birthday Macca and may you continue to have many more!

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And in the End…….

So its in our nature to be all curious, and searching for meaning and whats its all about, and then, when will it all end? So this man figures hes got it all worked out, again. Harold Camping , all the way from yes you guessed it, the US, has been spreading his word of doomsday for some time now, originally a civil engineer , and now an evangelical preacher,  he first predicted the end of the world back in 1994. He has now predicted in to be May 21st, 6pm local time, all done from quite complicated mathmatical predictions. Austrailia are into May 22nd, I guess they might wait for us to catch up. Camping says he`ll be watching TV looking out for earthquake reports on the day. Really? Watching TV? Get a few fryers on the go and set up the bar, dont want to go out on an empty stomach surely? Anyway whether we choose to believe any of it or not, we should always live somewhat like theres no tomorrow. If this man is going by the bible , he might be skipping the bit where Jesus talks about the end of the world “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.”  I feel a little bit like Dot Cotton from Eastenders now 🙂

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The show must go on

We have a special visitor in town this week, and so far we are behaving ourselves relatively well, in fairness, with the amount of spondulas we have spent on security, there isnt much room for anything but that.  I embrace the vist! Welcome over Queen Elizabeth, and enjoy our lovely country, it is a historic time and hope it can be remembered as a huge postive step for Ireland`s future. I would have preferred these boys coming over, but you can`t have it all!

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